Project Management

“The commissioning process is a long-lasting relationship with our clients”

We maintain a careful control of all stages and elements of the project (technical, economical and timings) as well as keeping all information focused and closely managed by one of our Project Managers. We therefore monitor and anticipate all work to ensure any flaw may be identified at an early stage, completing extensive site analysis and surveys up to the final installation.


From initial sketches to highly detailed three dimensional models, we ensure a systematic understanding of all aspects before we undertake sampling and prototyping, allowing us and the client to know exactly what the final piece will look like. In association with the designer, we then decide on the best procedures for cost-effective manufacture.


We are committed to producing the highest standards of quality

Our different associate workshops produce and manufacture all elements and components in strict coordination, and complying with environmentally friendly practices. This continuously controlled process allows us to produce a range of products, from limited editions and singular bespoke pieces, to large joinery series. All our goods are pre-assembled in the factory to ensure complete functionality and a perfect finish.


From the initial surveying we take into account all possible difficulties in anticipation of upcoming stages. We handle all logistics, carefully wrapping and packaging our pieces as well as coordinating transportation, assembly and installation and complete on-site finishing.